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Nuchi-masu the sea salt of Okinawa
Nuchi-masu, a salt containing 21 kinds of minerals, was registered in the Guinness World Records in 2000 for its significant mineral richness. In the year 2007, Nuchi-masu won the Grand Gold Medal at the Monde Selection.
It is used not only for seasoning but as an ideal mineral supplement in daily life. The seawater from which the salt derived is taken from the Pacific Ocean. We use no additives in Nuchi-masu, and the raw material is 100% Okinawa seawater.
The salt is considered very tasty, with famous chefs at many restaurants in Japan complimenting its flavor.

Because salt is the basic commodity, people often say “I already know about the salt”. We utilize our facility to upset these prejudices. Nuchi-masu is very unique salt and is completely different from the other salt you have seen in the market.

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